No more books...

Empty, empty book shelves at Toys R Us!

Oh Geoffrey, why do you have to leave us…

Another great giant of a store is leaving us too soon.  I am sure everyone has heard the sad news of Toys R Us and its demise.  How could this possibly be? Why would this happen to such an amazing store with oh so many awesome toys and clothes and shoes and books and games?!?  I feel for all of the soon-to-be mommies out there that will never get to experience walking down the aisles and picking items for their little one(s) on their registry.  

As a new mom, I think I went to Toys at least once a week, OK really it was more like five times a week and they knew me by name and I had a special cart. Ha just kidding but my life pretty much revolved around Toys for over a year (and half…) So, I ask again, how could this possibly be and Geoffrey be leaving us so soon?

The beginning…

Well, come to find out our beloved Toys has been around since 1948, about 70 years of selling toys, baby furniture, clothing and games.  To add to the already sad situation, the founder recently passed away, a week after the news broke of his beloved company closing all of its doors.¹  This man helped shape the way people experienced toys, bought online, registered for new baby(s) and even had exclusive rights with many companies to bring some of the greatest toys only to their stores. To say he will be missed is an understatement.

Changing times

So, I get it…the times are changing. For an enormous company like this to be in countries all over the world and to have to compete now with some of the other great giants (Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.) I can imagine how difficult it would be to hold onto the once premier spot of toys only!  

But, could the giant maybe wait another few years just for my little guy to get through his Monster Truck phase, Cars phase, Hot Wheels, Matchbox phases…ok wait, let me rethink this!!!  Now that I say his out loud, I have spent an obscene amount of money at Toys – I would think between myself and my mother-in-law we could keep this place afloat Ha!

Spending money and then some

When my son first watched the original Cars movie – he was hooked.  So what do you do to satisfy your sweet childs new adoration of Cars – you go to Toys to spend money.  And you soon realize that for every character, every scene, deleted scenes, wanna be characters, cameo cars – you name it – Toys had the toys and beyond… If we did not spend money on the Cars cars in the store, we then went online.  Which Toys had a fantastic selection and now we not only showed him online shopping but we showed him he would now receive a box in the mail and learn about the excitement of receiving a gift from the postman. I should say, I still get excited when I receive gifts from the postman!!

Toys has taught our little guy so so much.  Life experiences is the real education, right, huh am I right?!?

After Cars (which he is still heavily involved in especially since Cars 3 came out – he is in cars heaven), he learned about Monster Trucks- oh how he loves these trucks.  Big ones, small ones; some that are the same character but different colors, old ones, new ones, ugly ones (Zombie I am talking about you), favorite ones (yes, Grave Digger is his all-time go to- although El Toro Loco is coming up fast- mainly because mommy says it funny).  The anniversary editions, the special editions, the legends, the sons, list goes on and on and my son wants them all!! Again, where do we go to get these – yes, Toys R Us. Again, where does all of my husbands money go – yes, Toys R Us. And again, why are you closing??

The last Monster Jam truck box we will ever buy at Toys R Us! Glad it was an anniversary one!

Growing and learning

My almost 3 year old has frequented Toys since his first week of life.  Literally, I would strap him to me and we would go in and I would look for all of the great toys, gadgets, clothes I wanted/needed/wished for.  I would trade, buy, exchange for months after he was born. I loved going to Toys and just being there. It became a weekly trip, I loved it! Oh silly me it became a daily trip for a while there and to get points and then cash off – goodness I was in heaven!!

As my son is getting older and growing and growing (he is big for a 3 year old- no joke- quit the little big man 🙂 ) my trips became longer and well, let’s just say a little more verbal.        

I do believe I learned how to barter, bribe, cry, possibly yell, learn more colorful adjectives, say “NO!”, say “OK fine then!”, say “the hell with it take it all!” and give in to my sweet, apple of my eye, only child in Toys.  He tested my SOUL more in this store then anywhere else we frequented. He coined his tag-line, “But, mommy I want it! I want it mommy!” due to his ever increasing daily trips to Toys. I really should be thanking Toys as now, maybe I won’t hear that as often.  (OK mini update since I started writing this post – the little man knows Toys is closing and he is requesting Target time and going to Target to see what he “wants”)!


Honestly though, the memories I have of Toys are some of the best of my young motherhood and sons lives.  I am so grateful that we have been able to experience this giant of a store from his beginnings to now talking, walking, running, riding stages.  And for me to have a place to go for other mommies-to-be, this store has truly been amazing.

As I say goodbye to Geoffrey, I want to say THANK YOU TOYS R US!  Thank you for allowing me (and so many other mommy’s and daddy’s) to be in your glow for so long.  And letting us realize we didn’t even know we needed that tenth Hot Wheels race track that spins and shoots out flames.  Or that we needed fake grass to hold bottles and sippy cups to dry. Oh, how I thank you for the wonderful times we have had over the years. And the tears my son has shed when I finally did say “No – you do not need five of the same Grave Digger Monster Trucks!”

Thank you Toys R Us for bringing joy to so many, we all will surely miss you!!

Until next time – ok actually, there won’t be a next time.  We will be in Target this afternoon – see you all soon!