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Life After Cancer

Blessed. That is the best way to describe my life after cancer. Blessed.
For the past five years, I have been living/learning/growing/changing in ways to live in my "new normal." I was never prepared for what has happened to me and I am so grateful MY plan failed and God put me back on track to how I should be living.
Serving. Learning. Renewing.

Bathroom Talk

Poop! Ugh, poop!  Who ever wants to discuss that smelly subject?  Who wants to read about that too?  Well for me, I literally live in a poopy world; day in and day out I am consumed with my poop.  See I have Ulcerative Colitis (UC), a severe inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation and ulcers in my digestive tract.  But, the excitement does not stop there.

A year after I was diagnosed with UC I was diagnosed with Stage-2 Breast Cancer!  I focused so hard on my UC and figuring out what the heck to do/eat/poop that as soon as I heard the words, “…you have cancer…” nothing else mattered.  Life after cancer…what do I do now?


I have said since day one with cancer that I was “blessed!”  UC not so much because, well, that is one unforgiving disease.  However, with cancer – I became part of one of the most amazing clubs ever – “SURVIVORS!!!!”  Everyone feels more comfortable when other people are going through similar situations as themselves.  Survivors are no different – we can talk, share, cry, learn and grow from others like us which is so important.  I love talking about my story with hopes in helping someone who is going through a similar situation.  Even if I reach just one person, then my soul is happy.

Then to add even more blessings to my already blessed life – after cancer and 4 rounds of chemotherapy, I was blessed with a beautiful miracle baby boy!!  A-MA-ZING!!

Life after cancer

As you can see my life did not end with either diagnosis – in fact, it only got better.  Wait, I am jumping ahead of myself – actually life has been very difficult and trying at times and maybe even downright annoying (pooping on the treadmill – literally)!

Hence, my beginning of this journey of writing what I am going through and maybe reaching some people that are going through similar situations.  I cannot be the only person out there that has UC and cancer, right??

There have to be other people out there that have experienced somewhat of the same issues as I have.  Or, maybe just need some help in some areas of UC or handling a diagnosis of cancer.  I just want to be there for someone, anyone, to help them in any way when it comes to learning about UC and/or learning about  breast cancer.

I would love to have a platform where people can ask questions and not feel embarrassed, hence, the closed Facebook group.  I also have an Instagram account where I will give a heads up of future posts, etc. and possibly my sweet baby boy, OK, OK and my animals that are named after beer!! Ha!!  My Twitter will be a little more snarky ha – I will definitely be posting about my recent posts but also some pics of donuts!! Every Wednesday I get a donut and I want to share with the world my love for them.

Finding my New Normal

I briefly touched on this before, but I struggle daily trying to find what my normal activity/daily living is.  I may be able to eat something one day and the next it is a no-go.  I may run out of my medicine and miss one day – literally one day, and I will have symptoms back.  I just do not know what I am up against daily.  I am constantly learning and figuring this out.

The struggle I have is so mental too.  I have that voice in the back of my head of “what I used to be like.”  I battle within myself of moving on and focusing on the present but it gets hard at times.  I am sure this goes for a lot of people in a similar situations.  This is why I am here, I want to learn from you all and maybe we can all get to finding a new normal.

Thank you

Finally I want to say, Thank you for being here and coming along this amazing journey with me.  I believe we will learn and grow together and have some major fun along the way.


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