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Love my books

I have been reading books for as long as I can remember.  Always been into love stories, murder mysteries and horror.  Which is funny because I HATE horror movies – literally get so freaked out just watching the trailers.  Not that I search them out but they pop of everywhere.  You could be seeing something cute on IG or YouTube and bam! a horror movie trailer.  Ugh! hate them.  I will sleep with the lights on for days. But, a book, I have no issues.  Makes no sense really since the book is so much more vivid and it is my imagination.  You would think I would be scared out of my mind, but I digress…ahhh books.

As reading goes, I have read every single one of John Saul’s books.  He is a great horror writer.  The last book I read of his was over five or six years ago. Maybe I will go back and reread them. I remember not even being able to put them down.  Which for me, if I am reading a book and within the first few chapters I am not intrigued, I cannot move on.  Hate that, but I cannot move on. But, his, I absolutely loved everything about them – story lines, characters, twists- these are great books!

Another great mystery writer I love is, Agatha Christie. I go to book fairs and old book stores to get her books because, for me her reading is so much more magical from an old book.  I keep her books showcased on the front entryway table.  Literally!!  I love having her out and center for all to see and ask questions.  They are ripped, torn, old and I love that!

My entryway Agatha Christie collection!

True old books that have been through so many hands. Filled so many minds with beautiful words.









Many years ago, I was introduced to Mary K. Andrews, a fabulous, sweet, catchy, hilarious southern writer.  She would write about the low country here in South Carolina along with Georgia.  And I feel like I am down there living these stories with her as she writes.  She also writes as Kathy Hogan Trocheck in the Callahan Garrity series.  These are fun, a little more murder and mystery and not so much love and romance as her other novels.  I cannot put these down either.

Now that I think about it, every book I am recommending or author I love, I cannot put down so I don’t know why I keep saying that.  Ha!  I will mainly be reviewing books or reading books that I love and want to keep reading more and more of.  I will discuss other books, of course, some I am not so keen on, but just because I am trying and seeing what is out there.

Cover Girls

I used to read so much with some girls back home, that we had an unofficial book club called the “Cover Girls.”  Let me say, this is also the name of our wine club. Ha!  We literally would pick books out because we liked the cover, along with the bottle of wine.  If it had an intriguing cover, we would read it (drink it)!

I have found so many awesome authors from our little club.  The sad thing is, actually, I am quite proud of this- I am never one to shy away from lending my books to people to read.  I mean, share the wealth and knowledge.  Especially when a book is so awesome you just want others to read it.

Well, I am also horrible at getting books back.  So, many of the amazing books that I have read, I have lost because I never got them back.  Which, I should say too, I never wrote down the titles.  Sooooo, I am going to have to guess and try to remember what some of them were.  I am holding myself accountable now with this blog and I will post a picture of any book/author I like on my Pinterest account.  I am also going to review books (and wine- I have to review wine)!!

If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way for me to read.  I will not shy away from any book, I just happen to like a certain type but will totally try anything. (This goes for wine too- definitely will try any wine- well Reds – I like Reds)!

Seeing a pattern here…

I am not sure why I think wine and books go hand in hand, but they do.  I love reading and to sit with a good glass of wine while reading is a perfect time for me.  However,  I do fall asleep after a long day, reading and drinking so I usually do not get very far while reading and drinking but I start out in a heavenly bliss.

Since I am not a great sleeper, I try to exhaust myself throughout the day so I can at least attempt to sleep for a few hours.  Wine and reading help this situation, but I have been known to keep reading till the book is over or that awesome chapter and it will be hours later.  One day way back when I read one book in one day.  Some may think that is no big deal but I had never done that before and so it was a pretty awesome feat.  NO wine was involved there.

So, as I mentioned I love to sit down with a good book and a good glass of wine and enjoy the night.  Having my son has set me back some on my reading as I just have not found the time to make it happen like I used to.   He is sightly older now and I feel very confident that I will be able to attack my books and read till my heart is content.

First review

The first book I will read for my blog is going to be Agatha Christie, “And Then There Were None.”  I know this was originally published in 1939 but some how I missed reading it.  So, I will read this and pass on my thoughts.  Hope you follow along to see how I feel about this and many others.  The first bottle of wine I am going to review is a Limited Edition Biltmore House Red 2017.  I will probably have to talk about my love affair with the Biltmore House one day.  My magical wonderland!

Blessings, mandy k